European Online Consultation on IOT Governance

The Internet is gearing up for the next technological revolution: communication with and among objects. How would you envisage the "governance" of such an "Internet of Things" (IoT)? Feel free to answer it, we are all concerned about IoT Governance!

The European Commission has launched an on-line public consultation on IoT Governance on "Your Voice in Europe". The questionnaire will be available at following link until July 10th, 2012:


Moreover have a look at the related Press Released of the European Commission:

Digital Agenda: Commission consults on rules for wirelessly connected devices - the "Internet of Things"

(12 April 2012) The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is a future in which everyday objects such as phones, cars, household appliances, clothes and even food are wirelessly connected to the Internet through smart chips, and can collect and share data. The European Commission wants to know what framework is needed to unleash the potential economic and societal benefits of the IoT, whilst ensuring an adequate level of control of the devices gathering, processing and storing information. The information concerned includes users' behavioural patterns, location and preferences. The Commission wants to ensure that the rights of individuals are respected and is launching a public consultation inviting comments by 12th July 2012.

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